Sunlux Led Light Sunlux Led Light Brighten Your Homes SUNLUX LED LIGHTS Slide Warm White Natural White Cool White Trick from your fingertips Trix Series offer the most cost effective way to change color of your mood Slide 15 Degree 24 Degree 30 Degree Our Downlights
Brilliant Effects, Perfect Beam & High Lumens 60 Degree

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History About SUNLUX

We “Sunlux Energy Private Limited”, were established in the year 2011, as a leading manufacturer and supplier of a broad range of LED Lights for our customers. Our product assortment includes Bulbs, Tubelight, COB Downlights, Street Light, Flood Light, Panel Light etc.


Energy Efficient Lighting

You can readily confirm the range of cash you'll save by switch from incandescent to energy economical semiconductor diode lighting with any number of on-line calculators that are designed to try to do that calculation. Assume, as an example, that you just have put in twenty 60-watt incandescent bulbs...

Safe Street Lighting

Considerations of safe street lighting can beg the question, “safe for whom?” making safe street lighting for pedestrians can involve various factors than creating streets safe for motorists. Businesses and street residents can have their own ideas of what constitutes safe street lighting, as can town managers WHO ar...

Efficient LED Warehouse Lights

Warehouse illumination falls into the class of high-bay lighting. fashionable warehouses comprise tens if not many thousands of sq. feet of space for storing with operations that may continue round the clock. Lighting a contemporary warehouse needs operators to maximise the potency of their operations whereas minimizing utility bills...

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